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November 21, 2008

Top 17 Technology Gifts for Techie Teens - Guest Post by Vanessa Van Petten

As a TechMama, it is important that I also get the "teen perspective" when it comes to technology. My youngest is only 9, so I reached out to some "teen bloggers". A standout is teen author Vanessa Van Petten's blog. I asked if she wanted to guest post about her top technology gift for teens - and she said yes. Here it is, Top 17 Technology Gifts for Techie Teens (written by a techie teen!).


Vanessa Van Petten is the teen author of the parenting book “You’re Grounded!” She writes a parenting blog along with 12 other teen writers from the kid's perspective to help parents.  Her work as a young family peacemaker have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, Fox 5, CBS 4 and much more! http://www.OnTeensToday.com

Top 17 Technology Gifts for Techie Teens by Vanessa Van Petten

1) Orb Watches It's not so cool to wear a watch anymore, but these are very cool designs.

2) Solar Computer Backpack Does your teen have a ton of electronics? This might help keep everything charged (I kinda want one).

3) iTrain This is a great way to encourage your kids to be active and a new way to workout.  These are workout programs for your kid's MP3 or iPod.

4) Earringbuds Your kid always wearing earbuds? At least they can look like jewelry now.
Also check out Earbud Charms.

5) iBangles This is possibly the coolest way to listen to music.

6) Wireless Speakers Maybe check with the teen’s parents first…and if you are a teen’s parents, do not keep scrolling through this one just yet. Wireless speakers for an ipod or MP3 can be awesome for more than just vibrating your house’s walls. These can be brought down for the family to enjoy during game night, days by the pool or when coking dinner.

7) Inflight USB Power Unit Have a teen that travels frequently? How about those who are about to embark on a three week college trip. This is great so teens can still do homework/write essays/do research (watch DVDs/listen to music/play computer games) even when flying somewhere.

8) Call of Duty: World at War This is so cool, if your teen has a system that is compatible, this is great for both boys and girls, and very popular at the moment.

9 Subscription to Wired Magazine If you have a techie kid, this magazine rocks!

10) Digital Camera Here are a few reviews of camera's you can get your teen.  Always go small, go unbreakable and cheap (they get lost all the time).

11) New Ring-Tones and/or Extra minutes on their cell phone this month.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Techie Kids:

12) Budclicks  Very cute and decorative earbuds.

13) Blank CD's  Teens burn a ton of music for each other, so blank CD's are always useful!

14) iTunes Gift Certificate Money is great, gift certificates are only ok. I mean, I usually feel gift certificates are kind of an insult to my independence. Its like saying: “I don’t really want to give you money that you might spend on something I do not approve of, so here is $20 to somewhere that I have pre-approved for you.” And, it’s a horrible gimmick…I always, always, always spend more than the gift card allows. Saying all that, an iTunes gift card is usually pretty good with all teens, even if they are not music buffs, they can still buy movies and TV shows.

15) Water-resistant USB Thumb Drive These are always useful for teens who are printing out papers last minute, at school or in computer labs. Water resistant is important because—well, you know, we spill everything.

16) Little Remote Control Cars or Helicopters I don’t think boys ever out-grow these (dad will probably adore them too)

17) Extra Controllers for your Gaming teen or a joystick.

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cool. i saw those ibangles a while back. too bad they are not available yet, i am pretty sure i would buy them.

i love the orb watches too. sadly, they are only a design concept!

Definitely. I wish people would recommend more non-existent gifts for us to buy.

Forget a pony, dad, I want a WORKING light-saber!

Definitely. I wish people would recommend more non-existent gifts for us to buy.

Forget a pony, dad, I want a WORKING light-saber!

Great List!! Will forward this link to some of my friends to make sure they keep an eye on this list maybe some of it is out by next Christmas!!

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