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November 21, 2008

CBS News on Web Testing Kids' Desire To Cheat

The CBS Evening News With Katie Couric website posted with a disturbing trend: Kid's sharing how to cheat using social media!  Their story reported that there is more than 3,000 How-To-Cheat In School Videos On YouTube. For those parents thinking that internet controls on their own will help shield kids from these videos, just take a quick Google Search on "how to cheat on a test"  to see all the ways they get access to cheating information online.

I remember in college one time especially where there were whispers of someone getting an advanced copy of a test. The temptations were there to take a look. I decided not to - I would like to say because of my ethics but really when it came down to it I just did not want to go down that road. Cheating is cheating, and I wanted to stay clear of it. I also remember hearing of some college geeks who figured out how to program formulas into their calculators - for those tests we were allowed to use them.

Kids now have technology all around them - posing even more temptations. So in the end having a talk with kids,  about the old fashioned way and cyber-style cheating, is the best defense of all.

A related post on the CBS News website is called "Think Before You Post". I would like to add to that "Kids/Teens - Think Before You Put Any Information About Yourself Online - especially how YOU CHEAT!".


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