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October 30, 2008

Kids that Are Kept Away From Technolgy, Parents That Are Widly Overprotective

Sarah Lacy, author of the book "Once Your Good, Twice You're Lucky - The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0",  could not have said it better when she posted "Quick Hide Your Women and Children! TWITTER IS COMING!. One line in that post really stood out to me:

"Keeping your children from using some of the most socially transformative tools modern technology has ever seen was at best wildly overprotective and at worst setting them up for a lifetime of disadvantages."

I hear many moms discussing that they want to keep their kids away from "evil technology", when really what is needed are limits, internet safety controls and regular education to help kids understand safe use of technology (including privacy settings when needed). Otherwise, you may as well just keep your kids in a hut out in the middle of the woods. Because technology has opened the world up with information and opportunities to network. The dangers are there, but so are the dangers for walking to school now adays..

The key is to educate your child to prepare them for a life in the digital world. Do you want them to the be the only kid going to college that did not start online social networking months in advance? Or that does not know how to type when homework can be handed in online starting at 3rd grade or earlier? Or understands that entertainment technology is fun, but needs to be used within time limits?


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I totally agree with you, Beth. So many parents see technology as the enemy. To me, it's neither good nor bad. It just is. And it's certainly not going away.

I think the point most parents need to remember is that kids learn most from other kids, I know I did.
When I say that my kid will be programming her own games by the time she's 7 I get laughed at by members of my family who think that I'm joking about how deeply I plan to immerse my baby girl in technology.

I don't see it as evil, I see it as the way the world is going; knowledge is power and my little love will be as powerful as I can possibly make her!

I agree with you completely, Beth, AND I haven't made a huge effort to make sure my kids are tech savvy yet. Limiting screen time and emphasizing books works for us now. They hear me talk about how much I love technology and the power of online connections to transform the world (particularly moms connecting!), so they're soon expect the same for themselves!

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