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October 16, 2008

iPhone Versus BlackBerry Versus G1?

When talking about smartphones, the conversations usually focus on the iPhone versus BlackBerry. But the current conversation is the iPhone versus the G1 ( T-Mobile and Google's first hand-held computer in the same class as the iPhone). Walter Mossberg (one of my favorite gadget reviewers) did a very thorough review of the G1 on the WSJ website. From that review it seems the upside for the G1 seems to center around those that use Google Calender and services already - so syncing will be easy. The G1 also has a physical keyboard, touchscreen and a trackball.  But there seems to be some challenges, such as lack of memory storage for third party apps, user interface and the fact that T-Moblie only has 3G in only 20 U.S. metro areas.


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As a technologist, I have my opinions. If you are a professional...(business suit, corporate type, Blackberry.

For any other setting, IPhone or G1

Question for you. Are Iphones and G1's softkey (for VPN access) compatible?

The iphone is really for the hip crowd and limited to personal useage, on the other hand the blackberry is more for company emplyees who are constantly checking their emails and making phone calls.

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