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October 14, 2008

Can Listening to Loud Music Lead to Hearing Problems?

The age old debate of if listening to loud music will effect your hearing is raging again - this time with MP3 players. CNET News posted with results from a study that say 1 in 10 MP3 users could go deaf.. They key here is "if they listen to the music too loud"!  I remember back to when I was a kid, we did not have MP3 players but we did have Walkmans, I listened to that music loud at times - and even had a Queen phase where I put myself between two stereo speakers to listen.

Do you agree or disagree with the studies' findings? I think that with all electronics, proper use is important. I say don't hold back from allowing yourself or your kids to use MP3 players - just teach them that LOUD is not GOOD!

I looked at CNET reviews to see what earphones may help in this situation. The Etymotic's fancy noise-isolating earphones and others have noise cancelling technology that can help reduce outside noise so the volume can be at a normal setting. CNET reviews has a Headphone buying guide with a section on the best noise cancellation and portable versions.

So lesson learned from this study, keep the MP3 - but get a good pair of headphones/earphones and make sure the volume is not set too high. Noise control in my house of three boys is tough enough, and I can't turn down that volume so alittle music for me would be comfort to my ears.


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