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September 18, 2008

Which Family Calendar Solution Do You Use?

I just posted at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog with my calendar anxiety - a journey to find the right calendar solution for my family. So I am sending the question across my online social networks: "What calendar solution do you use for your family".


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I use google calendar for my personal and social activities, but with so many last-minute changes, I usually end up backing it up with scribbles on the calendar that I hang on my fridge!

I use Google Calendar and my RealSimple non-techie calendar. I've also tried to get into something called Famundo.com which looks good but I haven't sat down and tried to figure it out really. It looks good though. It's a system made for families that includes coordinating vehicles drive times and other details in your schedule.

I use google calendar... That way, my husband can see it too, and I can make sure appointments send him reminder emails - without me having to nag him.

Hey Beth,
I use "I Want Sandy" http://www.iwantsandy.com/ as I can send messages from my mobile to send myself reminders. I then sync up my Sandy messages to my Google Calendar. Sandy is cool because it's free and you can just send vague messages like "Remind me that Tue is Joe's B-day" and on Tue at 8am you'll automatically get an email. You can also specify times if you want a reminder 1 hour before etc.

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