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September 01, 2008

Moms Twitter - But How About Facebook Live Feed?

I know many moms that love to Twitter as a quick way to find out what their friends are up to. I also know many moms enjoying the social networking app Facebook. So.... what if you could do both in one application: Facebook Live Feed! Because moms have already established their Twitter friends, would they feel comfortable live conversing with their Facebook friends?

To make things more confusing, you can add "Twitter" as an application to your Facebook profile. You can also add "Utterz", which is like Twitter but has added functionality such as sending pictures, video and voice.

For those wondering how to get to Facebook Live Feed (I did), here are some details:

You need to use the "new facebook" design. To find out more info about this, become a fan of the Facebook Profile Preview page. To go directly to the new Facebook design, use this URL:


Every Facebook user will get the option to upgrade to the new design. I played with this new design and decided to go back to the old design to test it... But then I could not figure out how to get back to the "new" design. Now I know - just visit http://www.new.facebook.com.

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I expect to stick with Twitter and FriendFeed for awhile for at least one simple reason - they're not blocked by my office firewall, and Facebook is, so I don't get there very often.

I use the Twitter application on Facebook which not only updates my status but also brings my tweets into a Twitter app on the sidebar. I always forget it's there until one of my Facebook friends says "I love your updates!" and I realize it must have been a recent tweet. Sometimes hard to keep track of though since my hubs doesn't follow me on Twitter but he is my friend of Facebook - I just gotta be sure not to tweet something about him!

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