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September 09, 2008

Liveblogging - Starbuck's New Brewing Machine: Clover

Many moms share a love of their coffee.... I currently sitting in a Starbucks Office in San Francisco previewing their new brewing machine called "Clover". The technology is already at 10 stores in Seattle, 30 in Boston and then 9 in San Francisco (on October 9). The Clover brewing machine is exclusive to Starbucks and utilizes an interesting mix of science and technology. The filters are made with levels of silk in a high tech piston that uses vacuum technology to take the "air" out of the brewing process. More to come on the technology side - one of the founders of Clover will be giving us a demo.

I would write more about the event, but I have not had my coffee yet.... Smells good... More to come about the Clover and the Starbucks new line of Healthy foods.

I just tasted the Tanzania Blackburn Estate made using the Clover technology. Interesting, it is very smooth (clean) and has a somewhat cherry twist. One thing I noticed is about the coffee - it is so smooth I probably would not need milk (I am a big latte fan).

Now we are getting a demo of the Clover. The beans can be mixed in different variations to go richer or lighter. Some coffees have different brewing time differentials - that can be programmed into the machine. The beans are poured in and mixed with water. Draws liquid into chamber, then the piston goes to work. Suddenly, the grounds (40 second step time) are neatly pushed into the top of the machine (and can be easily cleaned with a cloth (no paper filters needed - so it is eco friendly). Then the coffee comes out into the container.. There is a microprocessor that is constantly checking the temperature.. This is liveblogging so I will add more details after I talk more with the Clover founder...

More to come - I am very sad to have to leave for school pickup. Later today I will upload the pictures, more techie details about the Clover and Starbuck's Healthy Start foods.


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