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September 28, 2008

How To Use FriendFeed, And The FriendFeed Techie List

I not only have mutual friends connecting me to and seem to bump into Robert Scoble often, but I have been fascinated with the way he uses social media. One conversation I have with my mom blogger friends on a regular basis is "How to best use this social media app or that?". Well techie moms rejoice, Robert Scoble has come through again with the "The Scoble Top Tech Blogger/FriendFeed/Social Media List". 

For those looking for tech social media people to follow - this is a great list. I am happy it included some of my mominfluentials including Charlene Li and Kara Swisher. I commented on that post that I have been so busy perfecting my strategy for Twitter, Twitter MomsFacebook and LinkedIn that I just signed up but am not a FriendFeed power user (yet). I would like to see more techie moms using Friendfeed so the list can be even bigger for the next linklove (and this list inspired me to start working on my own FriendFeed "TechMama").

I do like FriendFeed's functionality - especially for busy moms. With Friendfeed, you "friend" those you want to follow - but with doing so you have access to many of their social media apps instead of one. FriendFeeds can have anything from Flickr pics, blog posts, Twitter feeds and more. Just take a look at the list of applications you can add to your own feed! And when you "subscribe" to feeds, you can categorize them in Home (page) feed, Favorites, Personal, Professional and even create a list of your own. I just started and already created a gadget, social networking news and tech news.  I also created a mom blogger list so I can keep up with all of my favorite mom bloggers as well as my fellow contributors at the Silicon Valley Moms Group's personal blogs. Now I just need to go through and add my friends.

FriendFeed also has account customizations for feed and email preferences. Those with smartphones beware, make sure to minimize the email notifications you get to your emails - or else your phone will be very busy. Reading the FriendFeed blog will help you learn more about the application, like how you can use the FriendFeed API to manage the application from a desktop or moblie client (like Twhirl). I would suggest new users read the help section titled "Getting Started".

Best of all, as with many social networking applications - you can embed a button on your blog so your readers/friends can easily find you (I added my button to the bottom of my "about" typelist on TechMamas). I am allowing mine to be public because my niche is mom blogging, technology and parenting.

My next step is to find the right place to put my family pictures and stories, which are more personal and something I will keep separate from my public persona... And to learn more FriendFeed strategies.


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