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September 13, 2008

CNN Rick Sanchez Live Tweets Hurricane Ike

Yesterday I was reveling in my quiet time at home while the kids were at school, trying to get some work done.. I put in a few good hours then decided to take my tweet break and see what my Twitter buddies were up to. Little did I realize my new Twitter buddy, Rick Sanchez from CNN, was live tweeting Hurricane Ike from Morgan Point Texas. Here is the tweet I received:

RICK SANCHEZ: "going on the air in just 14 minutes, in morgan's point.  think i may be right in it.  bay already up ten feet.       

So I turned on the TV, wanting to see if it was for real and to see how people are doing in Texas (I have friends there).  And what do you know - there was Rick - holding onto his hat and checking Twitter from his computer. From his report, people were prepared and holding up fine.


My next tweet back to him was:

TECHMAMA: "What laptop are you using that you can have it out in the rainy, windy weather while you are covering the hurricane?       

Seriously, I could use that type of laptop so I could do some work while my three boys are playing on the front lawn, which many times feels like a Hurricane!

Kinda fun getting news updates on Twitter (or Facebook for the matter)..


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It's fascinating to me that so many news people are now using twitter as a way to connect with viewers AND to use it as a way to gather info for stories. Rachel Maddow at MSNBC is now on Twitter.

Maybe legitimacy will come soon to those of us out here laboring in the blogosphere! ;)

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