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August 29, 2008

Moms With PDA's - Go Touch or Go Keypad?

PDA's are an essential tool for busy moms who need to multi-task on the go, with a cellphone, web browser, email, calender and other applications in ONE device. But I often debate with other moms who use PDA's whether they want a touch screen or a keypad PDA.

In the past this discussion was iPhone (touch screen) versus BlackBerry (keypad) which I already posted about). The touch screen allows you to type by "touching" an image on a screen, and these devices overall usually have better web browsing capabilities because of that same touch screen. The PDA's with a keypad have small keys that you "type". I am a keypad gal, but I admit the web browsing on my BlackBerry is far from perfect. But I am thrilled with the BlackBerry overall - it is reliable, has great applications and support available, with push emails I get my emails almost immediately and I happen to work better on a keypad then a touch screen. I loaded Facebook and Twitter moblie so I can social network on the go...So for now, I am staying a crackberry.

But my Apple iPhone friends are very happy with their (touch screen) iPhones. Even yesterday I posted on an application written for the iPhone that tracks dirty diapers and breastfeeding, and there are many more iPhone applications. The web browsing on the iPhone is top rate. Some of my friends don't want the iPhone because they already have a phone, so they use the iPod Touch to web browse on the go.

Which is why I have been tantalized by the recent news on the PDA front:

What are your thoughts for PDA, keypad or touch?


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I have a touchscreen phone/pda, the Samsung Instinct. I thought it would be really hard to work with the touchscreen (previously used a blackberry) but actually the onscreen keyboard is quite easy to use. Now once Samsung gets some decent apps I'll be in heaven!

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