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August 17, 2008

I See Funny Bloggers: The Bloggess

So, If I blog about "The Bloggess" will that get me "Kawasakied".  Or is it Bloggessed? You see, I did pass the word out to vote for my SXSW panel called "Moms Who Tech".  I am not shy about my devotion to spreading the word about tech savvy moms so I will admit one of the emails sent out was to Guy Kawasaki. Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley icon - and happens to be the guy I use for an example of the right way to have an online presence for a class I teach on that subject.  He also is supportive of mom bloggers, and even made time before his big night before BlogHer party to meet with the Silicon Valley Moms Group Road Trippers (I was there taking pictures).

Tonight I checked my panel voting comments (hmmm, hmmm - still time to vote) and Guy Kawasaki himself left a comment to get Jenny The Bloggess to come. Now, I have read her blog before - she even guest posted on the site I contribute to called "The Momocrats". I decided to spend some time reading her blog again - and she IS one funny blogger... Seriously (I like to say that when talking about funny things), I first starting reading blogs because of writing like The Bloggess. The fresh, honest, don't take yourself too seriously kind of talk witty gals out for the night will say to their friends.  Being a mom has decreased my witty factor due to sleep deprivation, so it is nice to know that others can wit for me. When you spend your day reminding your sons only to pee in the bushes if you are in the wilderness, instead of a bush at the outdoor section of a restaurant - then comic relief is in order.

So for a fun break, take a read over to The Bloggess. And for more fun just go visit the Moms Alltop blogs. And if you have not had your fix, go check The Bloggess guest post on Her Bad MotherCathrine has already made me laugh so hard, I can't wait to read the two of them together in the same page.


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Thanks for the plugs! Next time BlogHer is in SF, we'll have to not do parties on the same night!


You got my vote, chica. And also? You totally made me all blushy in a good way.

Blushy right back at ya Bloggess... Or should I say we got Blushied (should we add that to the urban dictionary?).

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