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August 24, 2008

I Got Facebook Spammed

I received an interesting Facebook message tonight from another mom:

Your ass looks not bad in this video.:
http://%79ou%74ube.su%62do%6D%65n%79.com.pl/?a=F0F2E... (lots more letters/symbols after this - too long to bother including in this post)

Because I have a background in Internet security, I did hesitate before responding.. Well, that and the fact that another mom would probably not compliment me in such a way. So, if you don't have a background in Internet security (and like when people compliment your a**) let me give you a hint:

Links to you tube look like this:
(Here is link to my favorite "mom song" from YouTube)

Now compare THAT link to the babbling link I was sent in Facebook.   Does that link look anything like a YouTube link?


Instead of clicking on that link (HINT: never do that), I sent a message back to that mom asking "What's up with that message". She replied that she had clicked on a link from her friend and her Facebook friends are randomly getting that message - without her directly sending it.

In the end, this seems to be some sort of virus like spam that is being spread. So do yourselves a favor, never click on any link you get on email or on your social networks without reviewing the link - and the message.

RELATED POST: Charlene Li also blogged about the Facebook Virus

Here is a link to two posts I did about Phishing, which is similar to what happened here.
Attack of the Computer Phishers and Zombie Hordes
Beware of Phishers: Part Deux - The Domain Name System Security Hole 

Best of all, check the Facebook Security page for important security updates.


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