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August 15, 2008

Help Moms Who Tech - Vote for Our SXSW Panel!!

SXSW is an amazing technology/music/film conference in Austin that I have been watching for many years. This year I decided that it was time for a "Moms Who Tech" panel. Here is the write-up for the panel I proposed (Moms Who Tech):

"Women spent $90 billion on gadgets and influenced 61% of all consumer electronics purchases in 2007 (Laptop Magazine, August 2008). Moms are power users of technology and social networking, coding their own websites, texting their babysitters, installing wireless routers, blogging and using Facebook. This panel discussion examines the gadgets and social media moms use to manage their careers,families and friendships."

In true community form, the SXSW team accept panel proposals to list on a site called the panel picker then let the community vote for the panels they want to see. I proposed a panel and asked some of my mom geek friends to join on, but we would appreciate YOUR VOTES:

You just need to create an ID and sign in to the panel picker site,  search or enter the URL for the "Moms Who Tech" panel and vote away. I will write more about this topic in the next few weeks, but for now our panel is up for the vote!

Here are links for two relevant articles that support why this discussion is not only relevant but timely:

More on the topic to come....


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Voted on this. Love the topic----long overdue. Thanks for shining a little light on this subject. Thanks.

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