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August 09, 2008

Beware of Phishers: Part Deux - The Domain Name System Security Hole

In a prior post, I discussed computer phishers and why it is important to understand what can happen - so you can try to protect yourself. The New York Times today discussed the the patch for a web security hole in the Domain Name System (that houses basic internet addresses) "has some leaks of its own".

The article points out that the flaw will almost certainly be exploited by criminals, one example would be to "allow internet traffic to be secretly re-directed so thieves could hijack a bank's web address and collect customer information".

So what can consumers do? Be smart - read up on phishing. The Anti-Phishing Working Group's web page has general information on phishing and advice on how to avoid phishing scams.


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Phishing scams are rampant. They're a huge contributor to identity theft. SecurityFocus.com has some good, detailed articles about how it works also.

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