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May 06, 2008

YouTube How To: Pipe Cleaner Action Heroes And Cucumber Trumpets

I stopped by one of my morning reads (All Things Digital) and I found one post that jumped out at me: Kara Swisher posted links to YouTube videos where a now famous young geeky guy (Halley Joseph Eveland) demonstrates how to make pipe cleaner action heroes. I linked to that post for two reasons:

  • As a mom of three boys with lots of pipe cleaners, I thought this would make a great playdate or dinnertime activity that can lead to play afterwards.
  • (As my older son would say) "How cool is that" when a guy making pipe cleaner action heroes is featured on one of my (tech influential) favorite blogs: All Things Digital! Two points for the blogosphere and lots of hope for geeks everywhere (me being one of them).
  • Halley Joseph Eveland's mom can never complain that he is spending too much time making pipe cleaner action heroes or wasting time making YouTube videos. Moms out there with geeky kids take note!

Maybe I need to do something creative with pipe cleaners, or let my son make a video of his outdoor rock sculptures........Any ideas for creative YouTube videos that kids can make?

My favorite video this morning already has 275,711 hits on YouTube and may be either distracting or a fun addition to dinner table: Cucumber Trumpets (and other musical food from Heita3)


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