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May 13, 2008

Top Ten Signs You Know You Are Dealing With A Tech OBESSESD Mom

UPDATE: (I wanted to clarify from the comments below that this example is a tech OBSESSED mom.... Everyone of my commenters is ALREADY a tech savvy mom!!!!!)

10. SHE IS A WIRELESS WOMAN: Knows that developing, printing and putting family pictures in frames is passe, instead she emails pictures to her WiFi Digital Photo Frame, Despises hooking up cables to her laptop, uses a WiFi family printer instead to enable all family members to print pictures and files from their laptops remotely.  To further her WiFi obession, she only uses a EyeFi to send the pictures she does take with her digital camera to her computer.

9. SHE HAS HIGH STANDARDS FOR SECURITY, SAFETY AND RELIABLITY .. Can't complain to anyone that her wireless network was not installed correctly, because she is the one who installed it. Enjoys trying to remember the WEP key as a mind game...Wired her family so they can work in any room with their laptops -that all have parental controls installed ... Have kids regularly recite "DO NOT GIVE AWAY ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLINE".

8. SHE HAS MANY HANGOUTS ONLINE: Her non-tech savvy mom friends had to join Facebook and Twitter just to keep up to date with her...Has a nice set of live and virtual friends... Documents her public passions using Typepad blogs and private family adventures using VOX blogs. Puts her holiday shopping gift ideas online.. Join GoodReads just to connect with people that read BOOKS. Organized all of her favorite online reading into feeds from her home page or from Alltop.

7. SHE FILLS TECHIE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES AT HER KID'S SCHOOL: Happily takes on the techie tasks at her kids school including volunteering at the computer lab, putting together excel spreadsheets and implementing email groups.

6. SHE STREAMLINES FAMILY MEDIA: Uses TIVO to schedule shows for her master bedroom TV using TIVO online on her laptop while cooking dinner or uses TIVO moblie while waiting at carpool. Hooked up APPLE TV in the family room to allow her iPod obessed kids and their friends to listen to music, rent movies, listen to podcasts from the TV.. Is in charge of backing up the family digitial media... Did the family research for BlackBerry versus iPhone and PC Versus MAC.

5. SHE HAS A PAPERLESS MOBILE OFFICE: Uses her SMARTPHONE to managing the family schedule, addresses, all her emails and mobile social networking applications. Has learned to balance checking email while on the elliptical machine or in loading food into the grocery cart...Has romantic emails and IM with hubby during the day with her hubby...Has multiple re-charging stations to keep all her and her families gadgets charged up..

4. SHE EMBRACED BLUETOOTH: Is deciding between BlueTooth speakerphones, BlueTooth GPS device or a BlueTooth steering wheel.

3. Her husband calls HER a CrackBerry.

2. Her dream gift other then Foot Candy, wearable electronics or a fully digital home would be finding the perfect noise canceling, clear sounding, fashionable BlueTooth headset....

Flowets NUMBER ONE SIGN:  Her favorite Mother's Day activity was turning off ALL technology and watching her boys plant flowers for her...


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You can now send photos directly to your digital frame????

(PS i have to add, techsavvy moms are all about Slingbox, because Apple TV only has certain shows you can watch)

Beth, you are waaay ahead of me, except for item 1, that is.

Soudns like you had a happy day!

"NUMBER ONE SIGN: Her favorite Mother's Day activity was turning off ALL technology".


Well, according to your list, I am NOT exactly tech savvy, but that's okay. I have always been a slow adopter when it comes to technology. Eventually, I WILL get there.

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