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May 18, 2008

TechMama Quiz: College Gals or Moms Discussing Facebook?

This discussion took place today at 4:30pm. The challenge is to guess if it is a group of college gals or a group of moms talking. The conversation is from my mom-of-three-boys memory so it may not be exact.

Person 1: Hey Person 2- that Facebook status you put up on your profile last week was amazing!

Person 2: (laugh, giggle, laugh)

Person 3: Did you see the link I put up on my profile about that Facebook in Reality YouTube Video?

Person 1: No, I missed it - I don't read the Facebook links posted as much as I read the Facebook status updates. A buddy of mine put a status update announcing a breaking news item - I could not believe it! I had to turn on the TV to confirm it was for real.

Person 3: What Facebook applications do you like to use?

Person 2: I don't like the applications where someone sends you a cocktail, I wish they would just message me to meet live for a cocktail instead! I do enjoy the Facebook game applications.

Person 4: I don't load the applications at all, I just read the newsfeeds and status updates.

Person 1: Did you try the Facebook Chat yet? That works great!  Now that I am on Facebook I am able to keep up to date with more of my friends, including those that I have not seen in awhile. I want to load Facebook mobile but have not had time.

Person 3: I loaded Facebook Mobile (she shows them the application on her smartphone) and enjoy reading the status updates on the go.... Person 4 is the one that got me hooked on this smartphone in the first place - I will get her hooked on Facebook! Infact, I am going to update my status right now that we are talking about Facebook.


(drum roll please.....)The answer is:  A GROUP OF MOMS. Better yet - we were all sitting at a birthday party watching our kids entertained at a gym.

The amazing status update was Person 2 "Was trying to decide whether or not to have a fourth child"....Here is the link that I posted on Facebook about a funny YouTube Video. Oh, and we talked about other things like world events, the nap or no nap debate and how fun the birthday party was.

So Yeah - Facebook has hit the mom community, including birthday party discussions!


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Wish there were more facebooking moms around my area. If I started this conversation at my birthday parties, I'd be shunned I tell you. :)

And yet, so many of my friends refuse to join facebook, worrying about online exposure.

This has to be moms right? Teenage girls don't meet up for a 'cocktail' That would be my guess.

Plus, I notice an absence of the 'OMG', and 'gotalktohimgotalktohimgotalktohim' - lol

unfortunately in my circle of Moms (35+) very, very few of us are on Facebook. And even the ones that are on, we are not on all the time. I mean, really, who has the time?

Happy to hear moms talking about Facebook. You should check out Circle of Moms. It's an application specifically for moms that allows them to get anything from parenting advice to gift recommendations from like-minded moms. We would love to hear what you think about it!

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