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May 07, 2008

Online Social Networking For Career Development

In my last post (Forbes.com Rules) I talked about my own experience "recession proofing" my career. I am in a panel tonight discussing this same topic so I thought I would share some of the links I found relevant. Online social networking is not only for socializing, but can be used for career building. The career building is enabled by creating an online presence to showcase skills, and extended by creating networks of online (and offline or "live") connections. These connections can be very helpful in finding out about job opportunities or companies that will be hiring. There are also many sites for working moms, which I will share on a different post.

I am currently putting all of my social networking efforts into the blogging community (Silicon Valley Moms Group and BlogHer communities), women & technology groups (like the Anita Borg Institue, Women 2.0, Girl Geek Dinners, Women Who Tech, Ladies Who Launch etc.) and online at Facebook. Many of my live business social networks were initiated online.

General career/social networking related site links:

1. The blog Brazen Careerist has these posts:

2. General online social Networking for career development info:

3. Facebook for career Networking. With Facebook it is important to create a resume worthy profile, build the right network and join career related Facebook groups (for example, Web 2.0 Entrepreneurs can join the Web 2.0 Facebook group).   


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"Many of my live business social networks were initiated online."

This is fascinating. The line between online connection and "real world" connection is getting blurry and will soon not exist anymore.

Tools like VisualCV.com and LinkedIn.com represent the Web2.0 version of the original "social networking" used in career management. People build networks and many people build careers by helping others within those networks. Using these tools is critical for anyone wanting to "stand out" these days.

You brought some good web sites to my attention and I will create a profile on Visual CV. I have recently explored a great web site called www.mayomann.com and uploaded my Video Resume to it. One thing is for sure..... Videos get peoples attention.

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