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May 07, 2008

Radio Shack Top Bluetooth/BlackBerry Hack: TURN Off Echo Control!!!

N_h12_lrgTo prepare for my Bluetooth Mother's Day gift guide I thought it was only fair that I actually started to use a Bluetooth headset for my BlackBerry Curve. I have had a few, but could not seem to keep it charged or in the right place at the right time. This week, I have not gone anywhere without a BlueTooth headset. One of my Mother's Day gifts to myself was to purchase the Motorola H12  headset with dual microphones to cancel background noise (which I have lots of - the pleasant kind of course...).

I purchased this headset while at Radio Shack getting supplies for my son's science project. Little did I know I would meet lots of geeky salespeople that left me spending much more time at the store then originally intended. I was so proud to start using my headset, until I started getting the same complaints: "you sound echo-ey".

As if echo-ey is even a word...

At first I was offended by their responses, how could there be anything wrong with an earset that has bleeding edge technology? So I marched back to Radio Shack to talk to one of the geeky salespeople. We tested the sound performance, and they all agreed there was an echo. After some thought, the Radio Shack salesperson came up with the most amazing Bluetooth BlackBerry hack:


I guess if I would have visited Crackberry.com I would have realized that questions was already out there... And the answer is OFF when using Bluetooth. Thanks Radio Shack!

For those using Bluetooth headsets with their BlackBerrys who want to make that configuration change, here is the path from the BlackBerry main menu:

Settings>Options>Echo Control (set to) OFF.



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