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May 13, 2008

Facebook In Reality: The Video - With Added Mom Thoughts

My friends all know that I am a Facebook evangelist, but some of my tech savviest friends still don't get why. I tell them that I can keep track of what my personal and business friends are doing, get invited to events and keep my network up to date on my blog posts and favorite links.... How joining Facebook groups has helped me do some amazing business networking at night while the kids are asleep....How Facebook has helped me deepen the connection between my blogging network by adding them as friends... Or how about one of my mom friends who credits Facebook with giving her the ability to keep up to date with her friends around the world?  Or another Facebook savvy friend who uses it to help build her business network.

I am working on getting as many mom friends on Facebook to see it for themselves. Many think I am some crazy techie when I tell them I want to create a Facebook group for the moms from my kids schools' to socialize, which will be easier then trying to run after them in my sweats during the craziness of school dropoff, pickup or class parties.

I mean, come on - do moms really have the chance to meet other moms from their kids' schools unless they happen to have a playdate or carpool to sports events? Isn't that process inefficient?

Maybe developing some Facebook manners will help my mom friends jump on the bandwagon....I already tell those bothered by all the applications not to add applications they won't use. I warn my friends in advance that I am thrilled to read their updates, links and feeds but please don't send me something that I tell my kids are bad manners in real life (i.e. POKING). I also say just ignore the sophomoric humor that exists on all social networks..

Talk about sophomoric humor, a UK comedy troup idiotofants.com did a great job of explaining how NOT to use Facebook (warning - as they would say in the UK - don't get your knickers in a twist that some of the following humor has some raunchy bits):

All I can say is that parodies of social networking applications that get millions of YouTube hits means that it is already part of the modern lexicon - and here to stay.  


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I agree that Facebook is a great tool. I am hearing more and more "facebook is on its way down", especially from Twitter-users, and completely disagree. Twitter has its use, and is great fun, but doesn't offer the tools that facebook offers.

Kudos to you for connecting on Facebook like that. Most moms just chalk it off and say they 'missed the whole myspace facebook thing' Slight acquaintances have developed into good friends as a result of being added to each other's networks. i find most moms though are on myspace and not facebook (which i prefer over myspace)
Nevrtheless, join my myspace 'mom community' http://www.myspace.com/coolwebmoms

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