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May 06, 2008

Forbes.com Rules

As you can see from the time stamp on this post, it is almost 12am and I have been up late preparing for a panel I will be on tommorrow related to Recession-Proofing Your Career. The whole premise for my part of the discussion is that creating an online voice and utilizing online social networking combined with live social networking - can recession-proof your career. After leaving Deloitte, as a Senior Manager in the Computer Process Integrity, I had to re-invent myself. It has been lots of hard work getting to this point, but I think I am making progress...

While managing my three boys, I re-invented myself into the blogosphere. First as one of the partners of the Silicon Valley Moms Group, then founding my personal blog "TechMamas", and on the side helping some blogger friends start blogs that reflect some of my other passions (fashion with SFBayStyle) and politics (Momocrats). While at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog I met Martha and we became friends (one of the fun benefits of mom blogging). Martha got a call from Mary Jane Irwin of Forbes.com looking for gadget recommendations for Mother's day and and thought about that mom always ranting about technology.

Over the last two days I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Mary Jane Irwin about motherhood, blogging, gadgets and most of all how my new Bluetooth sounded so I could get feedback for my soon to be published Mother's Day Bluetooth guide. She was really nice to keep talking with me even though I had not yet figured out that my echo control problem was a configuration issue....

So big kudo's to Forbes.com for caring about moms ranting about technology. Here is the article on Forbes.com Technology News from today:

Tech Mama Rules  (Changed to "When Mom Packs A Gadget")
One mother's crusade to change the way we think about our moms and technology.
By Mary Jane Irwin, Forbes.com

Happy Techy Mother's Day! And a big thanks to the TechDadas that support the TechMamas.


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It's good to see mommybloggers being taken more seriously than ever. I find it encouraging.


I was reading the article and said to myself: Wait a minute, I know her blog!

Very cool!

Jennifer & Vered - I want to thank all of the techmamas out there (including both of you)!! Our voices are being heard!

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