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May 21, 2008

Facebook Redesign Preview

I just read that the Facebook redesign was presented to select media and bloggers (hey, what about some parent bloggers?). Here is a link to the screen shot, and liveblog details of the redesign meeting from the Inside Facebook blog. Mark Slee, Product Manager from Facebook, described the goal as the following:

"The goal is to split up different types of information according to the different ways user communicate. The core tabs are Feed, Info, Photos, and Boxes, and there will be custom application tabs as well."

Tabs and re-organizing the data related to how people communicate will be helpful for engaging more parents into Facebook - who are currently scared off by the multiple amounts of information that is thrown their way. I scaled down my Facebook profile to only allow feeds, walls and my links - some of the applications were overwhelming to keep track of. Even though I will miss out on some Good Karma or virtual cocktails - I am happy with just utilize Facebook as a way to network and keep up to date on my friend's feeds and links.


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Thanks Techmama, that is really interesting. I am always fielding questions on how to market on Facebook. Ill have to re-read the section you'd posted. I think there has been a lot of aggravation about not being able to send emails to your group once it surpasses 1000. I hope they take care of that soon. I, too have had to scale my profile b/c of all the e-mails from 'Are you Interested' and Compete etc. I love Rock You still, but i normally delete any apps that are sent my way.

Hey there, I am going to your workshop tonight and could not add you on Facebook ;) I guess you have some outlets for friends and then others for fans?

I would be honored to add my fans as friends!

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