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May 15, 2008


In my post "Not Just A Mom" at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog I discussed why I feel CBS and others will thrive in the "Groundswell" (from the book published by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff):

"CBS had the forethought to hire a viral marketing team that was knowledgeable about blogging and took the time to connect the Silicon Valley Moms Group with Katie Couric. In a move that shows CBS will thrive in the Groundswell, they not only gave use a tour of CBS studios while some of us were in New York for a conference, but also gave us the chance to sit with Katie Couric in HER OFFICE and have an amazing discussion about blogging and motherhood (one that we will never forget)."

Today I saw the following on Silicon Valley Insider and discussed all over Techmeme: CBS Buying CNET For $1.8 Billion; CBS Predicts $1 Billion Interactive Revenues By 2010. This is another step that shows CBS understands social media and are making moves to leverage their existing content online as well as adding new content. I regularly go online to get my news from CBS and my technology reviews from CNET - so this news makes sense to me. I also read the news feeds from my Yahoo home page, so the partnership with Yahoo is an added bonus.

But my favorite example of the new social media in action are parent bloggers, who not only already have amazing content online but utilize the power of their own community and technology to get what they need from each other. Because the parents are also the key buyers for their family, their online community is a great place for relevant advertisers with good pitches to engage in the new social media environment.

A little prediction of my own for where some of those interactive online revenues should go to moving forward......


PR Newswire Press Release on Yahoo Finance

CBS CEO Les Moonves' All Things Digital Interview


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