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April 22, 2008

Need Help Finding My Twitter Mojo

This morning I received an email from one of my favorite bloggers PunditMom (and DC Metro Moms Blogger). She asked the question that I have been wrestling with for some time, why have I not posted on Twitter?

Twitter is the quick online social networking place for everything from sharing what was made for dinner to minute by minute updates of big events. Twitter has not reached the modern lexicon as a verb! You can Twitter from your regular phone (SMS), IM, twitter moble from a PDA or even twitter online while on the computer. There are even twits to go applications to help those wanting to Twitter on their smartphone...

I was have been busy with blogging, live social networking and most of all - my real mission - to have a few minutes alone with my husband and to keep my three boys alive and well... So if I use the Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging thing along with attending live social networking meetings - where does Twitter fit in? How about the other two blogs that I contribute to that I have not had time to even post to, how can I Twitter if I am behind in blogging (the modern dilemna....). And if I have a second, should you Twitter or mo-blog? I already am distracted by reading my emails on my BlackBerry, should I also moblie Twitter??

Should I twitter that I am blogging about Twitter? Or how about Twittering that my twins are out of preschool and watching TV this morning so I can blog about Twitter (hey, we are all going to rollerskate after this so no longterm harm done...). If I am blogging about this why should I Twitter about it... If I am Twittering, what should I put in my Facebook status update? Or should I put my Twitter updates on my blog sidebar so people can not only read my blog posts but what I am doing every moment of the day??  Don't people need a break? Do they really care what I had for breakfast? What about information overload?

I do see the value in Twitter, it is a more casual way to converse then blogging and I see people connecting on Twitter that end up forming live social networks from it (aha... there is a live social networking side of Twitter). I also enjoy reading my friends' Twitters, by people at events, conferences like Web 2.0 Expo, breaking news or to keep up with my blogger friends from afar...

I know some of my other blogger friends have been wrestling with this same issue...Maybe I have not found my Twitter mojo yet, any ideas?

Should I blog about cool tech gadgets that I found (or would that be boring for non-geeks)? How about what blog posts I am reading (I read lots of blog posts every day...)? Should I Twitter about pondering where an older mom like myself will get the energy up to rollerskate with my boys...

On that note, off to rollerskate......

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Live social networking!! What a concept! ;) We definitely need more of that. Glad you're still out there, tho' I don't know where this Twitter thing will lead!

I hear you! The online world has a life of it's own and can quickly become a major time drain. I, too, haven't made the best use of Twitter. As a person who is more private by nature, it is hard for me to find stuff to twit about all day long.

I hear you!
That's why I stick with blogging (3 blogs) and LinkedIn and am not part of the Twitterati, but I am feeling left out. Should I start tweeting and quit one of the blogs? DH often reminds me to put in some face time with real-life friends, and him, of course. I can barely manage what I've got (along with email). It's all a bit crazymaking and my IRL friends don't understand.

Great Read. This past week, I also gave in and decided to jump onboard the Train-o-Twitt.

Alot of Bloggers are talking about Twitter. And they all seem to point out how Twitter will be a great tool for Bloggers. I sure like how that sounds, with Blogging you need an arsenal of tools...Twitter is just some more ammo baby and im all for it!

What's your Twitter?


You can follow me at

I twitter on occasion but too have not found my fit for it. I am not so interested in the little bits as I want to read more details...usually a full blog and like you I wonder if all of these things just become another time sync. I say this as I embark on creating my own blog in addition to work, kids, and the two other blogs I write for. Where does it end?

excellent post beth!
i signed up for twitter just to reserve my screen name + haven't posted a thing, but have "followers" + i can't believe mom's have time for this.

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