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April 24, 2008

Off To Web 2.0 Expo

Grandmom's babysitting so TechMama can head off to Web 2.0 Expo (An O'Reilly Conference). I will be visiting all the booths looking for technology that applies to families and mom geeks. The conference also takes great advantage of online social networking (not a surprise)... Those registering can add their profile to CrowdVine which allows attendees to not only see who is coming but to request to network with others at the conference. But that is not all, check out the other networking tools used (including Twitter and Yahoo! Fireball beta).

I hope to have some interesting techie tidbits to report back.....

First liveblog entry (highlighting the dilemma all moms face trying to balance career and kids): I have not made it to Web 2.0 Expo yet....Grandmom (who so generously helps out on a regular basis) called in sick but my neighbor happened to knock on the door at the same time asking for a playdate with her son... Neighbor kindly agreed to have my kids at her house until my babysitter comes later this afternoon.... So close....

(I finally arrived at Web 2.0 Expo after lots of phone calls to organize babysitting and running after a train with my computer in hand to get to San Francisco... out of breath...)

At Web 2.0: I loaded Tiny Twitter on my phone and tried tweeting at the conference as a social experiment. Click on the extended post to see those tweets. (I will post more tomorrow)

My most productive meeting was with a Microsoft techie who looked at some of my technical issues after moving from Windows XP to Vista and gave me some great tips and techniques. My system is running more smoothly now (double yeah). More to come... Back to the Booths...

TWEETS END (start at bottom)....

  • At intuit booth, going to ask if I can use their products track business expenses (for busy moms)... They recommended Quickbase.
  • Watching presentation for Wikipatterns.com, building enterprise wikis
  • labs.adobe.com has link to photoshop express.
  • Adobe recommends Photoshop Express (lightweight version).
  • At Adobe booth, love that illustrator and photoshop...
  • Techsmith screencast is a cool product for recording screens
  • At tech smith booth, make snag it
  • At friendster booth.....they are friendly.... (lately Friendster is abuzz, they said their application is inbetween MySpace and Facebook for those wanting parts of both applications. Will post more later about Friendster.
  • Talked to snoody person at a booth that makes social networking tools-gave me a look when I mentioned mom blogs.. Not going to tweet name because he was rude..
  • At instructables.com booth, learning firebreathing.



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Was heartening to read about MS guys helping u out! cool!

Hi, I was hoping to get all the details from you. That is funny, the anecdote about the snoody social network developer who looked down upon you as a mom blog. I can soo see it. lol....

I just started tweeting and since I didnt have any followers, I added the twitterati from guy's alltop.

So Im starting to see a lot of interesting characters such as the bloggess, and the NBC cameraman, and a host of twitterati..

Im also recognizing a lot of momblogs on Twitter. I still havent figured our how to use Twhirl yet, but this twitter experience is quite an experience.

I wish you would give us the 411 on the future of social networking...where are we headed. Is it widgetmania? I saw an articly which mentions Sprout, and Hylighter..

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