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March 09, 2008

The Real Hottest Women On The Web

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I am liveblogging (gasp) the E! Entertainment special (on tonight) "Byte Me" - E!'s 20 Hottest Women of the Web".  I am watching not to see who they are, but to see who young men see as their fantasy "women on the web".  When I saw the commercial for the show,  I was outraged that in 2008 when we have such amazing women on the web - we are still presenting sexist/fantasy versions.  So here are a few juicy tidbits...

Byte me women on the web # 19 was Jen Sterger (I would link to her personal site but my K9 internet filter software blocked it). When interviewed on the show about what happened after her and her friends were filmed at a football games in bikini tops she said (as if she was upset):

"People hacked into my Facebook account - stole my bikini pictures and used pictures as their wallpaper..."

Without opening up a discussion on Facebook privacy controls, I wonder why she had those pictures up on her profile in the first place. The show also explained that after that she had 7000 friend requests per week (hey MySpace - Facebook is a hotspot for dating) .  From all of that attention, she got paid gigs as a sport writer (she joked that people were surprised she could put a sentence together).

Byte me women on the web #16 is Jennifer Nicole Lee - Bikini Mama. She is self proclaimed "America's" fittest mom who said she went from mumus to pimped out bikinis. She called herself a momprenuer. She has fitness DVD's you can get at Target (near the diaper isle) and has online photos of her fit self. Oh, and she is also a "self proclaimed" blogger. Ok, maybe I am being tough on her because she makes me even feel worse about my muffin top - that I got because I spend too much time being a REAL blogger and not exercising.

Here is an excerpt from her interview:

"Being a bikini mama is cool because there is a new whole paradigm shift where moms can be fun, sexy having wonderfully adventurous lives. And if I am a poster girl for that - bring it on."

Sorry E!, I am not a 18 year old boy so I can't watch this anymore - even if I miss out on seeing the GoDaddy girl, Somaya Reece or Obama girl.  Does it really mean anything that the GoDaddy girl increased domain sales or Somaya Reece has 600,000 MySpace friends , 13 million page views on her profile and releases successful music singles on her MySpace page (one of her singles has 3 million online plays in two months). Now she is recording an album (Ok, well maybe she is hot).

Come on E! - stop it with the cyber-sexism and show some of the REAL HOTTEST WOMEN on the web (and don't say Velma).  Do we have to pose in a bikini to get your attention??

I am sure Valleywag would add Natali Del Conte to the list.


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