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March 25, 2008

Katie Couric Uses Social Media For Colon Cancer Awareness

I received an email from the folks over at Katie Couric's blog updating me about her work in colon cancer awareness. I have heard of the "Kate Couric Effect" before, but I also remembered the prior post where I covered the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric series "The Secret Lives Of Teens".

At that time I became interested in her use of social media online to cover topics that are relevant to her audience. Now Katie Couric is expanding that to help reach audiences online about colon cancer awareness and as a reminder for people to get screened. And for good reason, "when caught in its early stages, colorectal cancer is approximately 90% curable". It is so easy as a parent to put  their own health screening on the low end of the priority list. But I think we have an obligation as a parent to not only monitor our kids health but also to maintain our own.

Here is information from the email:

As you may know, Katie lost her husband Jay to colon cancer ten years ago.  Since then colon cancer awareness and prevention has been a cause near to her heart.  March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and Katie put together a video for her YouTube channel with recognizable faces who have loaned their talent for Public Service Announcements about the disease.  You can check out the video here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ7ev1dynTs 

My husband and I have been putting off colon cancer screening, this is a gentle reminder to not put something as important as this off any longer!


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This is interesting. When she was on The Today Show, she had an incredible outlet to promote colon cancer awareness. Who could ever forget THAT screening episode...

But now she is on the evening news and I would suppose is seeking other outlets beyond the Today Show to raise awareness.

I guess there's no better way than a YouTube viral campaign with a message that clearly hits with audiences!!!

Prevention should be the number one priority when it comes to saving lives, preventing diseases, and preventing death. Our healthcare system needs to focus on prevention instead of disease management . I guess there is no money in preventing diseases.

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