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February 17, 2008

Pokemon Strategy Chat #1 - Leaf versus Fire

Background: If you can't beat them - join them. After months of discussions like the one below with my son, I decided should bring the discussion online with others that speak his language. This is the first in many of the new category in Techmamas called "Pokemon Strategy Chat". My now 9 year old son Lightning will be writing these posts and hopes to have other Pokemon fans comment with their strategy ideas... Here are the RULES of engagement. We will also be looking around for other sites that have Pokemon strategy talks and will be linking to them.

Game: Pokemon Pearl  (Nintendo DS Lite).

So - right now my Pokemon is an infernape, and it is the final evolution from Chimchar. My infernape is battling a leaf type Pokemon called Gloom. To be a good trainer, one of things you should think about is which Pokemon can defeat the other Pokemon.  For example, my infernape is a fire type Pokemon and I am battling a leaf Pokemon.  What happens if you put fire on a leaf, the leaf will burn right? So if I use a fire type move on the leaf Pokemon it is super effective. After the battle we saw that all of the leaf Pokemon's energy went down to almost nothing. And in all, there is 205% HP that went down to around 30% HP. HP stands for hit points.

Some Pokemon and their attacks are weird. For example, one of my Pokemon is named Bronzong, it is a bronze bell Pokemon. One of it's attacks is shadowball, which is a ball of shadows that shoots at the opponent. It just makes their HP go down, it is suprisingly strong attack.  But it does not depend on how powerful the move is, it depends on what level the other Pokemon is. A ball of shadows is weird - right?

Lightning_2 Thats all of Pokemon Strategy Chat for Today.

Lightning - signing off


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I like Pokemon and my brother has Diamond because I bought it for him. Shadowball is a pretty good move, you are lucky you have it. We have a Bronzor, too.

I am going to do this on my mom's blog, too.

My brother and I have a strategy. If our Pokemon doesn't have a lot of HP, we don't use a potion or anything like that (even though they are not expensive). We just go the Pokemon Center and heal our Pokemon.

Seriously...we all know about pokemon types! do you have anything useful, new,that has to do with pokemon moves???

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