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February 11, 2008

Office 2.0 For Moms: From Starbucks to Cubes and Crayons

Now that my youngest are in preschool, I have more time to work - but no office space (I am typing this post from laptop using a laptop desk on my living room sofa). My office was turned into a bedroom for my twins....

Just this year two things have started to take off that offer great alternatives for moms needing work space outside of the house. Here are just a few, please add more if you know of them:

1. Cubes and Crayons: The most creative solution was founded by M.F. Chapman -  a business in Menlo Park, CA that offers office space and childcare in the same space. Revolutionary you say! I say it is about time. I went over to take a peek and saw multiple office spaces with WiFi - and then two rooms that are for childcare with ample playspace and an array of toys. There is even a kitchen to heat up food for yourself or your child.

2. WiFi at Starbucks - Just today Starbucks announced "announced plans to deliver AT&T Wi-FiSM service at more than 7,000 company-operated Starbucks locations across the United States". Cardholders will get 2 free hours of WiFi a day from AT&T. Paid services will also be available. What attracts me to this is that Starbucks locations are convenient and hopefully the WiFi quality will be good due to the partnership with AT&T. I have visited many free WiFi locations, and some are spotty if best.

3. Many cafes are now offering free WiFi... One of the Silicon Valley favorites is Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto. 

4. If you are a mom looking for a place that offers WiFi to to use their laptops on the go, WeFi which maps accessible, free Wi-Fi (in hotspots and elsewhere), is now available for phones. WeFi is also now available on Facebook.

5. My old favorite is good old FedEX Kinko's. Sometimes I work at home and send documents to be printed out using their online service called Docstore.


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Cubes and Crayons is a great idea! Wish that existed when my daughter was little.

I've considered the Starbucks locations near her school and gymnastics as my "satellite office" for years. I panicked when I heard that T-Mobile would no longer be the provider, but was very pleased to learn that thanks to my caffeine addiction, I can drop that part of my service and get online for the price of a latte.

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