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February 03, 2008

Micro-Yah-Go continues...

UPDATE 2/4: I was good - I did not turn on my computer until after my twins were at preschool. Here is the most interesting post of the day from Robert Scoble: "What You Are All Missing About Google". This deal is opening up very interesting discussions...


Two women that not only happened to be on 60 minutes at the same time for the Facebook segment, but seem to have a way of explaining things that makes sense to a busy mom like myself (read smart instead of reading many) are Charlene Li of Groundswell (with a new book out - can't wait to read so should you....) and Kara Swisher of All Things Digital. Check out their opinions on hot tech news and trends, you won't be sorry...

Here are their posts about the unsolicited bid from Microsoft to Yahoo!:

Kara Swisher of BoomTown: Microsoft Writes Yahoo: BoomTown Decodes the Letter, So You Don’t Have To! (note a little touch of humor on this post).

Charlene Li of Groundswell: Microsoft's Bid For Yahoo!: What it means

Other chit chat on the topic:

The Google Blog posts on Yahoo! and the future of the Internet.

There was lots of discussion around the Google Blog post. ReadWriteWeb took a poll to see if readers believe the Google Blog post is right on or is fear mongering. Currently, the poll is close to tied with some people believing there are legal concerns with the proposed merger while others agree that Google is fear mongering.

While over at AT&T News Yahoo!, there was a Reuters article titled: Yahoo May Consider Google Alliance and the Wall Street Journal reported that Google Offers to Help Yahoo Fight Off Microsoft. Hmmm, this is getting even more interesting by the day... I may seem wishy-washy again - but I use both Yahoo and Google in different ways. Each has an important role in my online experience, so an alliance may not be such a bad thing.

I promise not to turn on my computer tommorrow morning until after I drop the kids off at school, so hopefully there will not be any more hot tech news until after lunch....


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