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February 03, 2008

SuperBowl XVII: Is It All About The Game Or The Commercials?

My blog sistahs JB at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and Sarah and The Goon Squad (DC Metro Moms Blogger) are sports fans. In fact - Sarah also sport blogs at BlogHer and with Chicago Moms Blogger Sara - Self Made Mom and DC Metro Moms Blogger Gunfighter on the sports blog "Draft Day Suit".  For the sake of my boys, I really tried to engage in watching sports on TV. But I realized I would rather watch my kids playing sports then guys on TV. Luckily Dad fills in and tries to engage the boys with learning the details of the game.

Oh, and he won't be watching today's game live -- I don't think he will forgive me for scheduling our twins birthday party this afternoon (no wonder I got such a prime birthday party spot at the gym).... All I can say is that I was saved by TIVO! Luckily "one-third of TiVo households watched the 2007 Super Bowl game in time-shifted mode", and this year it may even be more.

In honor of SuperBowl XLII, here is a link to social networking site for sports fans (BallHype) that has the buzzing Pepsi commercial with Justin Timberlake. Valleywag listed the top ten most memorable tech Superbowl Ads.  Here is another link to my post from last year on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog listing some bad Superbowl commercials from the past - starring Moms (glad I don't have any to add to that list).

UPDATE - My hubby posted with his superbowl ads picks. Well that was because he was at our twins' birthday party with us instead of watching the game. So he made the best of the pre-game. He is a good daddy... My buddy CityMama posted this link in Facebook (T-Moblie Best And Worst Superbowl Commercials).

So - do you like watching the game or the commercials?


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I watch both.

Seriously, Beth - a birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday?!? That is so un-American.

Thanks for the love anyway.

Blame it on the calender companies - they should just add Superbowl Sunday as an American holiday already. That way it would of popped up on my BlackBerry when I looked into a date months before.

I did like the commercial with the shrunken head. It was so Beetlejuice!

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