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February 19, 2008

Does Working At Home Work?

Seems like moms are discussing the challenges of working at home lately:

Please share your work at home challenges....


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The biggest problem I have is that certain acquaintances don't see it as a "real" job, and get upset when I won't watch their sick kids on no notice. They wouldn't take a day off to watch my son if he was sick, why should I take a day off to watch their sick kids, and risk my son getting sick too? I occasionally watch kids if they belong to a sick SAHM or WAHM, because they have no problems reciprocating when I am sick.

Well, I blog from my couch or my kitchen table. I focus most often between the hours of 1:30pm and 4:30 pm, when the toddler is napping. Soon, I'll be assisting my father-in-law with some dictation at home and that will most likely take place in my basement (family room) where my workstation is set up.

I've tried blogging from Panera during a lunch hour once and they only allow you 30 minutes online. I lost an entire blog post at the very last minute. Doubt I'll try that again.

Aw, thanks for the mention!

I'm all over the place -- I'm set up at the dining room table, but have been known to move the laptop to the TV. And when writer's block sets in, I'll give myself a change of scenery at Starbucks. I've also been known to work at the gym where my daughter trains (if I can focus - or get a connection)... and have even posted from my Blackberry, like Stefania.

Aargh working from home is WAY more work than I thought it would be. I work from Starbucks, the library sometimes and usually from my the dining room table too. My favorite spot is looking out my front window, but I think that I am becoming the woman who "Looks out the window all day".

Ditto on all of the suggestions from other moms. The biggest hassle working at home is when I have conference calls and need to participate in the call----it is during these calls that my pugs, my lab go crazy barking. I have to hide away in my basement during calls like these in order to not have the "sound effects". It's VERY professional to have barking dogs.

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