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February 18, 2008

BlackBerry Curve Versus iPhone?

Earlier today, a mom friend emailed me asking my opinion on buying a BlackBerry versus iPhone. After taking on the MAC versus PC, I felt ready to discuss a somewhat similar question on the phone side. I choose the BlackBerry Curve to compare with the iPhone because I have one - and I feel it is the best model.

The first thing I always do is compare specs and see which one fits what I am looking for. The iPhone specs and the BlackBerry specs were both full of functionality. Then I suggest to demo the phone to see which one feels more comfortable. For example, I like having a qwerty keyboard because I am used to it - but maybe I could also get used to the iPhone's touch screen. Both the iPhone and the BlackBerry has enough functionality to serve any parent (email, MP3, web browsing, phone, camera). So the final decision may come down to which one feels the best.

Sarah Granger posted on Techmamas with a review of the iPhone.  Here is an interesting review of the BlackBerry Curve from Laptop Magazine. The only hitch I have heard is that the iPhone battery is not removable - but the BlackBerry's battery easily flips out of the back. The BlackBerry's browser works well but I find it to be slow at times versus the iPhone that has a real web browser (Safari). One of the biggest problem is that many websites are not moblie ready so they are hard to read on my BlackBerry.  Here is a link from Infoworld that compares web browsers between smartphones titled "Smartphone Browser Shootout: Palm, BlackBerry, HTC Vs. iPhone?". There is free software from Yahoo and Google that can be downloaded to BlackBerry's to provide better online functionality. Better yet, the BlackBerry 8310 has built in GPS.

I agree with the Techcrunch post that compared the BlackBerry to the iPhone side by side when it comes to the BlackBerry's push technology to receive emails. My phone buzzes when I get an email - I get them right when they are sent. AppleInsider and Calacanis.com had more to say about the debate. CrunchGear posted with a rumor that the iPhone may be $100 cheaper soon.

Any thoughts on the iPhone versus BlackBerry debate?


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There are some workarounds and fixes to improving the BlackBerry Browser. One would simply get into the Browser settings to make this happen. A great article I've written that goes into detail is available at: http://core.profusehost.net/archives/blackberry/tips-and-tricks/2008-79-tips-tricks-a-howto-on-the-blackberry-browser.html

A must read fro every BlackBerry Device Owner.

I do love getting my emails on my Blackberry and being able to send an email back. I have even written short blog posts on it. Am just getting used to the browser and its limitations.

I got to play with a friend's iPhone a couple of weeks ago and had a terrible time with the touchpad, but like you said, I could probably get used to it. The iPhone is just sexier than the Blackberry. I still want one.

My husband prefers his treo to his iphone.

I have an iphone, and the touch pad does take some getting used to.

I don't actually use the Web features on my Blackberry. The reason that I picked the Curve was the full keyboard.

Email and Texting are by far the apps I use the most. I just need to figure the Calendar sync'ing part.

I'm also debating this issue. I currently have an iPhone and was considering the 8320 because of the wifi capabilities.

1. Safari is an awesome web browser (fast load times and multiple pages can be open at the same time). The ability to drag the webpages up/down instead of scrolling is great!
2. Multimedia use. My iphone is my main mp3/mp4 player. Can a BB perform just as well?
3. The iPhone has a built in application installer. Much easier to use than manually connecting the BB to install apps.

Any thoughts anyone? I'm really interested in using a BB but I don't want to be completely disappointed because of the above.

The battle continues to rage on between these two, although RIM looks to answer the iPhone 3G with its latest Bold. It's really a tie right now between the two. The Bold is great for business and email, while the iPhone is made by Apple.

I highly recommend a free download of Opera Mini. The latest version looks and works great on the Curve, which I still use. The browser on the newest BlackBerries (Bold, Storm) are also better, but if you're mainly doing Google and Wikipedia, Opera will serve you MUCH better than the included browser.

Using your Curve's built-in browser, go to mini.opera.com to download and install wirelessly.

I love my Curve, my husband prefers his Iphone. My four year old seems to prefer grabbing his phone, as its easier for her to get to the tetris game lol. I'm a hard-core emailer and love the curve for being able to view attachments, write quickly, and not mess with iphone's touchscreen (or easily sullied screen).

I've been using a touch screen phone and am not getting on with it at all, what's worse my husband also put a touch screen car radio and DVD in my car and i'm having trouble with this too....now i want a Blackberry and he want's me to get an iphone (again touch screen), and i'm not to keen on this idea, is it difficult to be on the move and use the iphone?


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