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January 14, 2008

Fake Steve Jobs On Gizmodogate

My name is TechMama and I have an addiction...

First I started with a "time out" post, then my "grounded" post about Gizmodogate.... I found myself checking on Techmeme to see what the latest and greats posts and discussions are... Then I read a post from my friend Pamela at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog who admitted she was obsessed with looking at the latest photos from the Celebrity Baby Blog. It was then I realized I also have my own addiction..

Why can't I be obsessed with celebrity babies??? Why Why? At least I could talk about it with my friends. But no, I pick something only a geek would even care about so the only person I can talk about it with is my husband (a fellow geek). So here I am confessing to the blogosphere, hoping that other geek moms would understand...

What really engages me is the the discussions around what is appropriate behavior now that bloggers and press are trying to peacefully (yeah) co-exist with business people selling their widgets.. Do people really need to get " a sense of humor"? Do we need to to change the dog and pony shows to be more user generated like what is happening with the online world? Should users rate companies to pick which ones show up at trade shows? Should everyone just keep the fun at the parties and use the conference time to network and see what products are out there? Maybe I just miss going to tech trade shows now that I am busy taking care of my three kiddies (I would be thrilled just to talk with others about technology - who cares if their booths are gimmicky or not!)... I wonder if this is signaling a change - or is this just growing pains. 

The Fake Steve Jobs is a popular blog here in Silicon Valley CA - so I could not hold back going to that blog to see if they had a statement on Gizmodogate... And they sure did.... The  post has the most interesting opinion to date:

"Dear Gizmodo: Don't even think about fucking with the screens at our show "

But what I find intriguing - is that EVERYONE seems to be discussing this on blogs. Doesn't that say something in itself? It seems that the blogosphere is the place to be, addicted or not.

: "The Secret Diary of (fake) Steve Jobs" blog used Photocrank  on their site to allow users to write their own captions on pictures. For those that have family blogs, it may be a fun thing to use for some pictures (with the relatives permission of course, ha ha...).


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