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January 22, 2008

Recycling Technology Gadgets

Img_0950 Dory Devlin from Yahoo Tech posted with some information on the second life of unwanted gadgets. I found this very interesting because I am in the middle of preparing my current computer to pass on to my oldest son. And to further this "recycling trend", my new computer happens to be a re-furbished HP laptop from their business line. And to make things even more fun, we passed a really old keyboard to my son as a science experiment. He carefully took apart the keyboard and put on a show for his twin preschooler brothers on how a keyboard works.

I searched online for computer recycling centers and found a link to the green citizen that services San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Computer Recycling Center and a comprehensive post from BlogHer that discusses nonprofits and computer recycling.


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Great idea! I should really look for places to recycle old computers. My husband and I cannot seem to dump our old ones, and we have a closet full of old computers and printers. For real!

Hey can I borrow your son to do demonstrations to my young ones?! That's really cool!

thanks for the timely post - I just cleaned out my office and have a box of techno junk that needs to be tossed. Some things I have managed to get rid of through Menlo Park Freecycle, but for the odds and ends, it is great to have a list of places that will take them off my hands!

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