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January 02, 2008

Projectors For Gaming And DVD's

I was looking for something to put in my "non-technology" playroom for family movie night. So I went searching on the web and found these projectors:

But I think my pick will the Optoma DV10 MovieTime Home Theatre DLP Projector with a build in DVD player. I wanted something that I can put in the cabinet of the playroom to keep playtime non electronic. But I wanted to the option of bringing it out for special occasions. CNET had a review with more details...


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what about the epson moviemate?

Crazedparent - Good question about the epson moviemate. I also saw a CNET review for that and it said that the epson had some features that were better then the others, but there were also some challenges. And the price seemed to be higher. But I would really be interested to hear from anyone who has used any of the DVD projectors.

Wow! That's great the DVD player is already in the projector. Less hardware to be moving around. It looks like a great buy. I know the DLP projectors are suppose to give the sharpest PQ and their images don't fade over time like other types of projectors.

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