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January 19, 2008

Parents Need to GetNetWise

Tube I read a quite humorous post about a conversation a mom had with her son in the car..... The title was "The Part of the Internet Al Gore Did Not Fix" and referred to the fact that her son had learned about adult toy stores from ads he saw online.

Considering I am a big fan of installing Internet website controls on every computer, I hope a similar discussion will not happen in my car.... Yet, my kids do have friends who have computers and so I know they will be exposed to something inappropriate. I am also sure that at some point my son will get creative with our Internet controls and wonder onto something... I will hope to handle it with the advanced parenting humor used by Deb on the Rocks.

One commenter linked over to the "GetNetWise" website as evidence Al Gore did try to fix it... The website has great internet safety links and resources -  so good job Al Gore and friends! I searched to see his name on the Advisory board, even though I did not see it I am sure he had something to do with it.. But I did find some techie looking government committees including the Advisory Committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus and the Wireless Task Force.

Good to know every government official does not think the Internet is made up of tubes...


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Hey! That was my comment -- thanks for the shout out!

A lot of the tool recommendations are out of date, although the advice is still excellent.

If you're interested in more great safety info, I can't say enough good things about Anne Collier's site NetFamilyNews.org.

To clarify the Gore connection: My office had been working with a number of the big Internet companies to create an informative, useful, and company-neutral resource for parents on Internet safety. We were making progress, but we hadn't gotten very far when the tragic shootings took place at Columbine HS.

A few days later, 2 members of Gore's staff called me, having heard about our project. They wanted to know if they could help us get it launched by having the Vice President announce it as one aspect of the public-private partnerships he was promoting as a response to the tragedy.

The project was first announced in a White House press event, and ~6 weeks later, Gore joined the launch press event by satellite video.

Here are a couple of links to media coverage:

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