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January 27, 2008

Learning To Tell Time - With A Swatch

Swatch3_2After trying workbooks, flash cards, big toy teaching clocks and sessions with the clock on a wall, I had almost given up on teaching my son to tell time. He was just not engaged, and even responded with a somewhat smarty response:

"But mom, can't I just use a digital clock instead?".

Yeah, I am sure his teacher would love to hear that...

In the end, what made it happen was taking him to the Swatch store and buying him a swatch that had the hours and minutes listed on the face. Swatches are more of an investment then other watches, but the salespeople will give your child a mini-lesson in using the watch and TELLING TIME (yes, my son would rather learn to tell time from the Swatch salesperson)... Anyway, if I add up all the teaching gadgets I purchased, it would have been cheaper just to go straight to the Swatch...

Swatch watches are water-resistant to at least 20 meters/65 feet as well as being shock proof. The Flik Flak line is made especially to help kids learn to tell time:

"First launched in 1987, Flik Flak watches have become a familiar part of many children's learning and playing environment. Based on a concept developed by educators and psychologists, these intentionally designed watches make it easier for children to tell the time. Flik Flak watches are a fun way of mastering the mysteries of time." 


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