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31 posts from January 2008

January 27, 2008

Learning To Tell Time - With A Swatch

Swatch3_2After trying workbooks, flash cards, big toy teaching clocks and sessions with the clock on a wall, I had almost given up on teaching my son to tell time. He was just not engaged, and even responded with a somewhat smarty response:

"But mom, can't I just use a digital clock instead?".

Yeah, I am sure his teacher would love to hear that...

In the end, what made it happen was taking him to the Swatch store and buying him a swatch that had the hours and minutes listed on the face. Swatches are more of an investment then other watches, but the salespeople will give your child a mini-lesson in using the watch and TELLING TIME (yes, my son would rather learn to tell time from the Swatch salesperson)... Anyway, if I add up all the teaching gadgets I purchased, it would have been cheaper just to go straight to the Swatch...

Swatch watches are water-resistant to at least 20 meters/65 feet as well as being shock proof. The Flik Flak line is made especially to help kids learn to tell time:

"First launched in 1987, Flik Flak watches have become a familiar part of many children's learning and playing environment. Based on a concept developed by educators and psychologists, these intentionally designed watches make it easier for children to tell the time. Flik Flak watches are a fun way of mastering the mysteries of time." 

A Couple That BlackBerrys Together - Stays Together...

Here is a fun story with one (of many) BlackBerry conversations my husband and I have... This is a post from the Silicon Valley Moms Blog called "You Owe Me".

January 25, 2008

Gadget Blogs For Geeky Gals

Tonight I was engaged in one of my favorite after-the-kids-go-to-bed activites: blog jumping (starting at one and clicking on their blogrolls to find other similar blogs). I started at Babybadget.... then I found two blogs that made me feel not so lonely after all:

  • Popgadget - Personal technology for women.
  • And for my foodie friends, I found Cooking Gadgets.
  • Gadgenista - Gadgenista = Gadget + Fashionista. Being geeky has never looked this good.

So what should Techmamas' slogan be?

Techmamas = Moms + Kids + Gadgets + Technology. Just trying to keep up with technology to keep up with kids on technology.


Techmamas = Moms + Kids + Gadgets + Technology. Technology is logical, parenting is not.

January 23, 2008

Even Teens Have An Online Presence

A local highschool in Silicon Valley has some subversive teens that started a website called the "Titan Truth" . This was covered in an online article on Palo Alto Online. I am looking forward to reading the site - and happy that local teens are expressing themselves online.

I was curious to see if there are other teens writing on blogs or websites and found the following:

I am not going to mention that other site - it is too cliche.. But I do know that many teens sign on to their Facebook college network the summer before they enter - and start networking before they step foot on campus (even share music). Times are a-changin.....

For Parents, there is an interesting website called "Parenting Teens Online". Any more teens online websites that I missed?

January 22, 2008

Recycling Technology Gadgets

Img_0950 Dory Devlin from Yahoo Tech posted with some information on the second life of unwanted gadgets. I found this very interesting because I am in the middle of preparing my current computer to pass on to my oldest son. And to further this "recycling trend", my new computer happens to be a re-furbished HP laptop from their business line. And to make things even more fun, we passed a really old keyboard to my son as a science experiment. He carefully took apart the keyboard and put on a show for his twin preschooler brothers on how a keyboard works.

I searched online for computer recycling centers and found a link to the green citizen that services San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Computer Recycling Center and a comprehensive post from BlogHer that discusses nonprofits and computer recycling.

Virtual Support For Cancer

Team_wm All of my thoughts are on my virtual blog buddy Why Mommy who is going in for a double mastectomy today. She has also graced us with her thoughts on the DC Metro Moms Blog.  This is an example of how blogs can also provide virtual support for those like Why Mommy who openly talk about their experiences. This strength helps others who are also going through the same experience.

There are other support sites, like Blog For A Cure that offers blogs and a community. The National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society has links for support and resources.  For those wanting to coordinate support online, Lotsa Helping Hands is a site where you can coordinate volunteer and support activities. Any others websites that are good resources for those fighting cancer and those that want to support them?

All I know is that Why Mommy is an inspiration for all! Here is a link to her "Team Why Mommy" website.

January 21, 2008

Kiddix Computing Platform

My friend MJ  (whom I know from the Chicago Moms Blog) created a post on Mom Views about a very interesting computing platform for kids called "Kiddux". Here is the link:

Kiddix Computing Feature Review

The contest is over but the review provides interesting details on the product.

Gadget To Help Parent's Sleep In

The make-your-own-breakfast so mom&dad can sleep in gadget...
Thank-you Zevro...

(This is not a review - I purchased this product out of desperation...)

January 20, 2008

Learn Magic Tricks - On YouTube!

My son and I walked past some highschool kids in our neighborhood. They happened to be practicing magic card tricks, which they showed to my son. I asked them how they learned their tricks, and they replied - "YouTube" of course" (like I should have known...).

Just a hint, set your search settings on You Tube to "Filter videos that may not be suitable for minors". The search settings options is at the top of the search results page.

January 19, 2008

Parents Need to GetNetWise

Tube I read a quite humorous post about a conversation a mom had with her son in the car..... The title was "The Part of the Internet Al Gore Did Not Fix" and referred to the fact that her son had learned about adult toy stores from ads he saw online.

Considering I am a big fan of installing Internet website controls on every computer, I hope a similar discussion will not happen in my car.... Yet, my kids do have friends who have computers and so I know they will be exposed to something inappropriate. I am also sure that at some point my son will get creative with our Internet controls and wonder onto something... I will hope to handle it with the advanced parenting humor used by Deb on the Rocks.

One commenter linked over to the "GetNetWise" website as evidence Al Gore did try to fix it... The website has great internet safety links and resources -  so good job Al Gore and friends! I searched to see his name on the Advisory board, even though I did not see it I am sure he had something to do with it.. But I did find some techie looking government committees including the Advisory Committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus and the Wireless Task Force.

Good to know every government official does not think the Internet is made up of tubes...



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