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January 10, 2008

Gizmodo - You Deserve A Time Out!

Mktvbgokit2t Just can't stay away from Techmeme today. I already posted on the article they listed from Wired on Wi-Fi security. But I had to check out the posts on the little prank Gizmodo pulled at CES. It seems bloggers from the gadget blog called Gizmodo had set their hands on TV-B-Gone clickers from Make.  And what do you think they did with them? Something I would expect from one of my PRESCHOOLERS...

Gizmodo used the  TV-B-Gone to shut off a wall of TV's at CES showing product displays... Yes, the product displays that companies work all year to create... That press and bloggers come from all over the world to see...

Even my 9 year old son has better manners... Oh wait, he is too YOUNG TO ATTEND CES!

But the episode did make me want a TV-B-Gone clicker, it may just be a parent's best friend..... And it may have ended up being good PR for Make, who I happened to have already included in my Techmama's Holiday Gift Guide 2007.

Note to presenters - bring black electrical tape to cover IR receivers... Note to parents - hide electrical tape and buy TV-B-Gone.


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