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January 05, 2008

Are Cell Phones The Focus Of Teen Live Social Networking?

Scott Karp from Publishing 2.0 posted about sitting next to a group of teenagers at a restaurant. No technology in site? Do you think they just did what was called years ago "simply carrying on a live conversation".


Here is what Scott observed:

They are constantly showing each other photos and text messages on their phones. The phones are so deeply integrated into their conversation and interaction, they are like extensions of their identities.

Scary that cell phones are extensions of teenager's identities. I remember back to my teenage years and it was clothes, extracurricular activities and who you are "friends with". Maybe proving who you are friends with now adays includes showing pictures from your cellphone...

I do have to admit that when I see another mom with a smartphone, we do carry on a smartphone centric conversation. So it seems that moms have their own technology identity extensions.



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