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January 14, 2008

BlackBerry Tips - Part 1

483_47_2A friend of mine (Self-Made Mom) just purchased her new BlackBerry (yeah, another crackberry mom friend) so I thought I would  post with links to the important sites for BlackBerry support and tips. I have a BlackBerry curve - and am still learning tricks & tips from fellow users. So please add any if you have them.

BlackBerry Support Site - This site has downloads of the BlackBerry documentation for those like myself, whose preschooler walked away with their user manual....

BlackBerry Technical Solution Center

Using the BlackBerry Internet Service when emails stop coming in... - I don't use the enterprise server or have a help desk to call, so when my email stops coming to my phone I head off to the BlackBerry Internet Service site (log in) and re-send service packs to my phone. Sometimes the server from my email service is having problems (so waiting for it to be resolved is my only choice). Or - when I have tried everything else, I take out the battery and then put it back in to reload my phone.

Some time saving shortcuts for series 8100 and 8800.

Shorcuts for the BlackBerry curve. The dialing from home option must be turned off to use these shortcuts.

I will be searching the internet for more...


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Yay! I just got the Pearl, because I quit my job, but still need some sort of PDA/ email device. So far so likey!

I just got the hub's hand-me-down Blackberry and am already an addict, even if I know I'm not using it most efficiently. THANK YOU for these links!

I know I'm late to the party on this post but man I sooooo love my new BlackBerry Curve. I'm digging deep into whatever BlackBerry tips, tricks and FREE software that I can find on the web!

So far, I've just downloaded myself the Google package, minus a few features. I love having my Reader, Picasa and Google Search at my fingertips.

I'm a little annoyed that when I send a message from my PC, the sent message shows up on my BB as a new message...any idea how to disable that feature? I thought I had but doesn't seem to be working.

I have also downloaded WorldMate Live.

Ok, you know what? I'm off to do a post about all of my fun BlackBerry finds. =)

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