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January 07, 2008

A Mom Who Is Not Going To CES Without Her Son!

I don't want to make a stink, and I completely understand why.... But I am disappointed that I can't bring my 9 year old son to CES tommorrow. I had this whole plan worked out in my head until I realized that I had never called CES to see if they would allow me to bring my son...

It all started with being inspired by NYT David Pogue's Son Reviews Wii Table Tennis. My 9 year old son has been asking me lots of questions about blogging and even reads some of my posts.  He is my "go to guy" for reviews of children's technology (I have three boys - if I had a girl I am sure she would be my "go to gal").  He also enjoys learning anything related to technology. For example, he saves old mouses and electronics so he can take it apart.. And when I received a Nintendo DS Lite for review, I just put the box in front of him and said "go have some fun".

The game sent with the DS Lite was Brain Age 2. Within the same day he had completely figured out how to use it, and was playing Suduko from the Brain Age 2 game. He also figured out how to use pictochat and multiplayer gaming for playdates.  Before I included  a recommendation for the Nintendo DS Lite in the TechMama's Holiday Gift Guide I sat down with him to discuss what he thought about it (ok, he is hooked!). I also bought another game for the DS Lite that he tried and did not like. All my three sons put together the fantastic creations for my Happy Lego New Year 2008 Flickr badge to make sure my preschoolers get involved.

I asked my 9 year old if he wanted to go to CES with me to help my blog about the electronics - and he was so excited. I was even ready to set up a category in Techmamas just for him. Then I called CES before I was going to buy the airplane tickets to go for one day - and they told me that only teens 16 and older can attend. But, I said, "I have a 9 year old that wants to start blogging"... They were very nice but said 16 is the age limit. I do understand that having a bunch of elementary school kids running around the show could be problematic. But what about a 9 year old with geek superhero dad and techmama that wants to start blogging on his own? And nowadays tweens like my son are the new "power users" of technology so aren't their opinions conference worthy? Especially if their mom - who is a blogger - will be there with them? CES does include technology based toys, gaming and emerging technologies like robotics that would be completely engaging to geeks in training.

For now, I decided tonight I will create a category for him and he will just start blogging from home. Maybe next year they will let an established 10 year old blogger attend CES.

Or maybe there are not many moms who even dream of attending CES with their kids anyway (I am sharing my true geekiness)....


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My 11 year old son is the same way - he knows what Stumble Upon is - and uses it. He has written blog posts and done reviews for me.

And why can't you take him along??? My son would love to do that.

Aw. Such a shame they won't let him come. I would have loved to read his take on it. Probably a liability thing. I can remember being part of sitcom audience tapings when I was a kid in the 60's, but somewhere along the way they upped the age of consent to 16, citing "insurance."

(But maybe if you start now and offer to sign some kind of waiver, you can convince them to let him in for next year.)

I agree that is a shame - but understand the liability. It just seems that tweens and teens are power users of technology but they have not online voice. I hope other parents also involved kids that are interested in their blog. Maybe this will start something - and create an online voice for kids that is conference worthy.

I can relate. My boys were broken up because they couldn't go to the All Candy Expo with me last fall.

It's too bad, though. I bet he would've had some good observations. It's been fascinating watching my 9 year-old with the XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child initiative. He's disvcovered features, like the ability to make videos, that I didn't even know it had. I will post about this eventually.

He's hoping that I (he) will be asked blog about Wii games, but no such luck...yet.

I can't wait to read more from your son and share his thoughts with mine!

My daughter blogged for the first time during the holidays. She said, "mommy, I didn't know you had such a fun job." She wants to blog all the time now. I say we petition CES for 10 year old blogger day. Regarding the DS Lite, best thing ever for long car trips and peaceful dinners at restaurants that frown on noisy kids.

Maybe you can check out the Scholastic Kids Press Corps in preparation for next year? They were able to get a 14 year old into CES.


Your son sounds pretty cool.

Most kids these days have a perspective of technology that us adults seldom come even close to.

It will be pretty amazing 20 years or so from now to see exactly what sort of gadgets & games they come up with.

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