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December 03, 2007

To Treat Online Networking Addiction - Try "live" Networking

After getting three kids ready for school, dropping them off and stopping by the grocery store I was actually looking forward to coming home and turning on my computer. I was in my sweats, the perfect outfit to blog and do online social networking. Then I remembered that a friend had invited me to a coffee at her house with some other moms. So I had to make the choice, do I stay in my sweats and turn on the computer at home or go to socialize with some other moms - live?

The situation made me think back to my own warnings on monitoring kids addiction to online networking. If I don't socialize "live" on a regular basis - then I could be going down the path of my own addiction. So I jumped in the shower and headed off to do some live networking. Then I came home and turned on the computer.... The best of both worlds...

Anyone can add live "meetups" to their weekly schedule so they always know what is upcoming. My favorite recent live networking meet-ups (and great opportunity for gal geeks) have been with She's Geeky, any BlogHer conference, Webgrrls and most of all any event with my blog sisters in Silicon Valley, DC Metro, Chicago and New York City.


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