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December 10, 2007

Online Gambling Addiction - With Kids??

Addiction seems to be a hot discussion item lately.....I was watching E! this morning while blogging and a Dec. 2006 repeat titled "THS Investigates Online Nightmares" came one. The New York Post published their thoughts on the show (Cyber House Rules).

While situations like those are not an epidemic, it is important for parents to understand that online addiction is a reality for some families. Here is a interesting link to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery that has a page specific to Youth Gambling Addition: (http://www.addictionrecov.org/youthgam.htm) .

They also list the signs to watch out for:

  • Unexplained need for money
  • Money or possessions missing from the home
  • Unexplained charges on credit card bills
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Missing school or classes
  • Frequent anxiety, depression or mood swings
  • Dropping of outside activities and interests
  • Excessive watching of TV sports
  • Undue upset at the outcome of a sports match
  • Late night calls

There is a toll free number to call if you suspect someone is having an addiction problem: 1-800-522-3784

I called the number to see if it was valid, and a live person answered the phone - confirming the line is active.

Because addictive behaviors can also lead to suicidal thoughts, the show also offered these websites as resources:

And these two help lines:


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