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December 28, 2007

The Top Space Saving Family Desktops: Dell XPS One And iMAC

I have my wonderful Yahoo Home Page filled with RSS Feeds from my personal technology team. Walt Mossberg, tech columnist from the Wall Street Journal has a blog called All Things Digital that is one of my team members. On December 27 he posted with his review of the Dell XPS One, which rivals the iMac. There was an interesting debate on the comments of his blog worth reading, one of them stating how inexpensive it is to update the computers RAM (I think the more RAM the better with multi-tasking on a computer).

TechMeme (another member of my review team) was all a-buzz about Walt Mossberg's review because he is a big Apple fan. The funniest post award goes to CrunchGear - which called him "Uncle Walt" and guessed at what type of celebration the Dell Marketing Team must be having (check the post for the details....). I think I can also start calling him Uncle Walt because I read his column so much I feel like he is part of my family...

I have used Dell PC's for years and overall have been happy with them. I also have tried the MAC line and the HP. For me, what I find attractive about the iMAC and Dell XPS One is summed up with Uncle Walt's view:

Like Apple’s iconic iMac, the XPS One looks like it’s simply a sleek, flat-panel monitor. The guts of the computer have been stuffed into the back of the screen.

Having a family desktop that only consists of a flat screen and a keyboard opens up many space options. Because both the Dell XPS One and the iMAC are both packed full of features, the decision should really be MAC Operating System versus Windows. I personally feel that right now Windows XP is the better operating system then Vista, but that would not hold me back. But Apple computers/operating systems are really easy to use. But many, like myself, are happy with using Windows/Dell.  So if you are looking for a space saving family desktop, luckily you have two front runners in the line-up.

And I happened to have already included both in my TechMama's Holiday Gift Guide.



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