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November 18, 2007

What Technology Gadgets Does Your Family Want For The Holidays?

I am in the process of putting together my Techmama holiday gift guide. So I wanted to open it up to my readers and see what technology gifts their family is interested in. My oldest son is almost 9 but I know some local babysitters that are in middle school/highschool and some family friends' kids that are in college. I am finding that before 1st grade, kids know about technology but don't ask for it - unless they have older siblings. Around 3rd grade (or earlier) it seems that technology gadgets become part of social lexicon, so kids that don't have access start to feel left out. Moving past 3rd grade technology is a must, but the question is what type of technology? I do feel that technology exposure for kids is a benefit - but should be limited to what is appropriate for their age.

I will be discussing this more in my Holiday gift guide, but for now - it would be great to hear from my readers.

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Well, my almost 3 year old doesn't really know any non geeks, so of course he's been asking for an Iphone and a couple of Pleos. (And not liking the answer :P.)

He'll probably get Sonic 1 and 2 unlocked on the XBOX 360 arcade instead. Technology-wise, he's ahead of the game. The only thing that comes to mind besides games would be a Garmin Foretrex. We do a fair amount of caching together, and my first GPSr has been dropped one time too many. He can wear the Foretrex on his wrist, so hopefully it'll last a little longer.

My 6 year old niece is getting a low end digital camera, since her film camera is too expensive for her allowance. My 5 year old nephew is probably getting his own Vtech Nitro.

I want to get my preschooler a laptop thru OLPC.

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