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November 25, 2007

I Am A Mom Who Has Run Out Of RAM...

Lately I have been busy scanning for CyberMonday deals, looking for cool gadgets to include in my Techmamas holiday gift guide, doing other blogging tasks, getting ready for the holidays, getting winter clothes out, volunteering at my kids schools and keeping my wonderfully energetic three boys on the move... But today I had this feeling that my mind just can not manage anything else, and I realized that I had run out of RAM... Just like RAM is used to process all the applications running on a computer at one time, a mom must constantly manage multiple tasks throughout her day.

Wouldn't it be nice if we can just upgrade our RAM so we could add more tasks to our day. Like finally volunteering for more school events - updating the family calender to keep all the activities straight - calling my mom friends to organize that moms night out - clearing out the toy closet - doing the filing instead of putting it in a "to file" box!, getting rid of all the old socks that my boys have, making my own doctor appointments, getting to the health club more, more, more.....  I recommend 2GB RAM for computers, so why can't I upgrade my own?.

For now, I found a low-tech solution. Even though I have a BlackBerry to manage my life, I decided that writing my to-do list on a paper notepad will help me transfer some of the tasks overloading my RAM - to a notebook. Any other hints??

NaBloPoMo Day 17


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