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November 05, 2007

Come Into My Office, I Mean Dining Room, I Mean Sofa...

I posted awhile ago about being offline for an extended time. I have been offline again because I am in the middle of a transformation. I realized I was a work at home mom  (wahm) without an office and things started getting out of hand. I used a lap desk for my laptop computer and portable files and moved around the house working on the dining room table or my sofa when the kids were asleep or at school. I had to crawl over my night table in my bedroom to get to my printer. This had to stop! I need a workspace...

I did not realize that with the wonderful gift of having my three boys came a space challenge of having three kids in a three bedroom house.. But now I realize I need a workspace, a new computer and all the office fixins... So over the next few weeks I will blog about what products I end up finding to set up my real wahm office.

Any suggestions?? I already changed my Facebook status to "looking for a computer" and received some interesting recommendations.


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I'm obsessed with Dell, so I recommend going to their website. You really can get an affordable computer there.

I finally set up an office too (although we have a bit more space, so my husband and I actually each have our own offices), but I think you can probably set up a pretty good desk/office in your kitchen or family room. Maybe even the master bedroom. The things I needed to make my office was a desk, my laptop (which i take with me all over the house still, even though it now has a "home"). The main thing I would recommend right now, after you get the PC, is a USB hub. That way you can connect everything you need in one easy to locate place.

I found your blog through the NaBloPoMo Randomiser. I don't have any suggestions for a home office, but I can relate. I'm an artist (of sorts!) and I don't have a studio. I have boxes of supplies in my bedroom closet, and I create on the dining room table. You think that's not a hassle?! LOL! Good luck with creating your space and with posting for NaBLoPoMo!

Oh, get a desk and place it in the most distant point in your home away from your kitchen. You will be so much more efficient. For the longest time, like you, I worked all over the house. But after a while I found I needed to isolate my "office" time from the running of the household. I love my new desk space.I don't share it with anyone. I only do "work" there. All of my "mom" lists & clutter stay in the kitchen. I make better use of my time and have more clarity about how much time I am really working versus following the kids around the house.

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